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28 December 2014 @ 09:48 am
[translation] Yamaguchi Tatsuya x Ohno Satoshi (2012 Premium Talk)  
I've decided to post all the translations I've made on my Tumblr here for all you people who have me on their f-lists taking up space. XD So I miiiight spam a bit!

Here's an interview between Gussan and Ohno from two years ago in the spirit of TOKIO x Arashi week!

OHNO: I saw Yamaguchi-kun dance when I was about fourteen years old at their concert in the Budoukan. Can I be like this guy? I was like that (laughs). His dance was very powerful; he was flexible, he was very cool, and the acrobatics he performed in the centre of the stage was incredible.
GUSSAN: I was probably 22 years old at that time? 23? I was doing acrobatics with Matsuoka. But I could also remember seeing it with Ohno.
OHNO: Seriously?!
GUSSAN: Before Arashi, weren’t you doing a lot of stage plays? I think it was at ‘Odoreru Hito (a play)’ that I did.
OHNO: I was with Playzone!
GUSSAN: After the play ended, I heard the name ‘Ohno’ again and again. Oh! I suddenly remembered— (laughs) Didn’t you do something in Kyoto?
OHNO: Kyo to Kyo?!
GUSSAN: Ah, yes! There. I’d already heard the name ‘Ohno’. I didn’t even have to see you to think that there was some good kid named Ohno.
GUSSAN: Are you surprised?
OHNO: I am! I didn’t know you knew me then at all.
GUSSAN: What was one of the first songs that you learned? For me, it was Hikaru Genji’s “In the Navy”. When I went to Osaka Castle Hall for practise, Johnny-san told me “Why don’t you play if you can do musical instruments?”. And so I ended up forgetting that dance completely.
OHNO: (laughs) I remember my first choreography just fine—it was “TOKIO wo Yoroshiku!”.
GUSSAN: Fufufu…
OHNO: It was really hard! Like, when I performed for the first time at TOKIO’s concert, I remembered the dance perfectly, but it was so hard! There was so much smoke on stage!
GUSSAN: Hahaha!
OHNO: When I heard the cheers of the audience afterward, I realised that my mind had completely blanked out the entire time (laughs). I thought that maybe I should go home immediately, I was so scared.
GUSSAN: You’re bound to be scared when it’s your first time. But don’t worry—you’re incredible (laughs).

Judith Dayaojudithdayao on December 30th, 2014 08:31 am (UTC)

Aaahhh yesss xD thank you!!!

arashifannarashifann on November 27th, 2015 11:38 pm (UTC)
thank you ^_^