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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
11 February 2014 @ 08:24 pm

Everything fandom-related (fanfiction, downloads, translations) is going to be kept public for now, but stuff regarding my less than illustrious life and how I deal with it are all under wraps. Why? Because I'm pretty sure none of you want to see this journal clogged with useless personal stuff when we all know you're here for the fandom. WE ALL KNOW.

Just leave a comment below and let me know what stuff you like or what brought you here or why you want to be my friend! I promise I won't bite! As long as you leave me a comment, I'll add you back for sure!

Maybe one day this post will double as a masterpost for my crap, but I haven't posted enough shit to do any of that fancy stuff yet. Whoops.
You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
22 October 2015 @ 03:47 am
I feel like some of you already know this if you've been stalking tokioteatime, but yeah! I've moved journals for organisational/personal reasons. Also my username has been annoying me for the longest time and I like my new one a lot. :|

What does this mean!? Nothing, really... just that I won't be checking this one as often. Even though it has 1828 unread messages. Um.

Anyway, I'm gonna try being more active there and put more life into TOKIO fandom or something, among other things. :| I'll be posting subs and crap on my new journal, though, so I'm sure that's a good incentive to check it out. I think I'll be focusing on the senpai groups? Probably!

You can find me on kurokouchi! :) Feel free to add me there if you'd like! If we're friends here then I'll be happy to add you there, too.
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
I've decided to post all the translations I've made on my Tumblr here for all you people who have me on their f-lists taking up space. XD So I miiiight spam a bit!

Here's an interview between Gussan and Ohno from two years ago in the spirit of TOKIO x Arashi week!

OHNO: I saw Yamaguchi-kun dance when I was about fourteen years old at their concert in the Budoukan. Can I be like this guy? I was like that (laughs). His dance was very powerful; he was flexible, he was very cool, and the acrobatics he performed in the centre of the stage was incredible.
GUSSAN: I was probably 22 years old at that time? 23? I was doing acrobatics with Matsuoka. But I could also remember seeing it with Ohno.
OHNO: Seriously?!
GUSSAN: Before Arashi, weren’t you doing a lot of stage plays? I think it was at ‘Odoreru Hito (a play)’ that I did.
OHNO: I was with Playzone!
GUSSAN: After the play ended, I heard the name ‘Ohno’ again and again. Oh! I suddenly remembered— (laughs) Didn’t you do something in Kyoto?
OHNO: Kyo to Kyo?!
GUSSAN: Ah, yes! There. I’d already heard the name ‘Ohno’. I didn’t even have to see you to think that there was some good kid named Ohno.
GUSSAN: Are you surprised?
OHNO: I am! I didn’t know you knew me then at all.
GUSSAN: What was one of the first songs that you learned? For me, it was Hikaru Genji’s “In the Navy”. When I went to Osaka Castle Hall for practise, Johnny-san told me “Why don’t you play if you can do musical instruments?”. And so I ended up forgetting that dance completely.
OHNO: (laughs) I remember my first choreography just fine—it was “TOKIO wo Yoroshiku!”.
GUSSAN: Fufufu…
OHNO: It was really hard! Like, when I performed for the first time at TOKIO’s concert, I remembered the dance perfectly, but it was so hard! There was so much smoke on stage!
GUSSAN: Hahaha!
OHNO: When I heard the cheers of the audience afterward, I realised that my mind had completely blanked out the entire time (laughs). I thought that maybe I should go home immediately, I was so scared.
GUSSAN: You’re bound to be scared when it’s your first time. But don’t worry—you’re incredible (laughs).

You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
15 August 2014 @ 03:00 pm
Yoroshiku, more PWP written on my phone 'cause a pal of mine mentioned handcuffing Mabo. SIGHS.

Masahiro hates him. Absolutely hates him.Collapse )
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
30 July 2014 @ 12:27 pm
Sugar, which, as my friend so aptly put it, is basically "imagine mabo whipping him omg". I wrote all of this on my phone! Again. :( I'm such a sucker for Mabo/Nagase porn. It's very short, though.

Warnings: Consensual BDSM dynamics, whipping, punishment, yadda yadda. Badly written everything, basically.

Tomoya is trembling as he lies there, naked, his stomach to the sheets and his wrists and ankles held down by fine silk.Collapse )
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
29 July 2014 @ 08:16 am
Low Speed, a PWP morning sex type of deal kinda thing. I have ten million ideas for MaboNaga fic and I end up doing the porn without plot thing instead. :( Joke here is that I woke up at six in the morning, too, and it's about 8:16 right now and I have to go out for an appointment. Instead of eating breakfast I wrote porn. What a way to start the day.

The time is six in the morning, and they've got to be up and about in at most two hours to make it to a photo session right before some DASH filming.Collapse )
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
19 June 2014 @ 12:34 am
Some Dance to Remember, a long-ago promised horror-themed MaboNaga fanfiction I started in March and only finished now. It's a murky kind of piece which is supposed to be kind of confusing. Honestly I wrote the porn first. But. Rated NC-17 for sex.

It's an AU where Liv is Nagase's daughter instead of his dog. But not really. And there is most likely a sequel. Or sequel(s). SIGHS.

Warnings (wow, warnings!): Dubcon, asphyxiation, abuse, mentions of cults, attempted suicide, attempted murder.

The thing with this village, Tomoya recalls with a vivid sort of flash, is that being around it is one of the worst ideas he could possibly think of, his less-than-admirable intelligence aside.Collapse )
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
10 June 2014 @ 11:21 pm
Tomaranai (Non-stop), some quick MaboNaga porn drabble that I banged out while listening to Midnight Rose I guess. I still have this TOKIO/Inception AU fic in a file and a somewhat long MaboNaga horror thing so I could probably get to those soon. Rated NC-17.

"Non-stop sex on the beach..."Collapse )
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
YEAAAAAAH HELLO! Subs for something that isn't a crummy music video, hooray! It's a six-minute cut of TOKIO on Music Station where they performed LOVE, HOLIDAY. for the first time and so I guess it's pretty historical. You're gonna see a different logo from the Karebaka one in this video, but that's because I've a new translator friend, v6_tokiofangirl, and so the translations right now are much better than the crummy ones I've provided before! 8) We plan on doing some DASH episodes! But admittedly there is a Twin Tower bias for that, heh. Hence the, uh. Twin Towers logo. [NERVOUS LAUGHTER]

Also, while I'm at it, is there anyone who's good at encoding? Because we could use a lot of help there, as is evident in this crummily encoded vid. 8D;;

DOWNLOAD (MEGA) - .avi file, 84.2 MB

Translations by v6_tokiofangirl
QC, Timing, Typesetting + Encoding by a_m_a_t_u_s

1. NO STREAMING. This means that you can't upload this on streaming sites, be it on YouTube, Tudou, Youku, Veoh, or any other websites of such nature.
2. NO RE-UPLOADING. Do not, ever, under any circumstance, upload this anywhere else without permission. Re-uploading is only allowed if you're doing it to provide mirror links, and in that case the links should be given to us as well.
3. NO RE-DISTRIBUTING. All the download posts here so far are public and visible to all, so there shouldn't be a need to share direct links. Please direct anybody who wants this video to this post, or I may re-think this journal being public.
4. NO SELLING. Fansubbers do not profit from making subtitles at all, and we make them and share them for free, so it doesn't make any sense for you to profit when we don't.
6. NO TRANSLATION RIPS. Our translator worked really hard to do this, so it wouldn't be fair if you just ripped it off and claimed it as your own.
5. NO RE-TRANSLATIONS. This is not open for discussion.
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You're supposed to rinse out conditioner?!
02 June 2014 @ 11:09 pm
DOODLES DOODLES AND MORE DOODLES. A more cartoon-y style than I'm used to, but only because I've been rushing through them and such instead of taking a lot of time.

I haven't posted any of these on Tumblr because I'm ashamed, so. 8| It's all Mabo/Nagase (except for that one thing with Nagase in a dress AY) because, again, I am very very biased.

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